FAQ (Frequently asked questions) Kash Taxis And Cabs in Bromsgrove

Kash Taxis And Cabs in Bromsgrove

 Q. Where do I meet my driver at the Airport?

A. Your driver will contact you on the mobile number you provided. 

 Q. What happens if my flight is delayed?

A. We always check your arrival time before we send your driver. we do not charge you any extra if your flight is delayed. 

 Q. Do you operate fixed pricing?

A. Yes. Airport pick ups, the price quoted includes waiting time after the plane lands. Car parking fees are to be paid to the driver on the day and he will supply a receipt. Local pick ups include 10 minutes waiting time.  

 Q. What if i want to cancel?

A. Bookings cancelled before the driver has been dispatched will be refunded in full. If you don't notify us prior to your booking time there will be no refund. 

Q.How do I pay?

A.You will pay by cash/pounds